Monday, June 7, 2010

Pierre Masse's Situations

I recently discovered a talented young man by the name of Pierre Masse He’s originally from Canada but moved to France- the native land of his father. There he listened to his dad’s records and fell in love with French music. He has a band-The Final Year and also dabbles with electronic music under Pierre XI. He is now living in Canada for six years .
Pierre’s soul comes pouring in his solo project called Situations, his debut record sold independently, which you can also download at bandcamp. It’s stripped off acoustic based approach allows listener to get to the lyrics as well as his fresh voice as he sing about life, relationships, modern technology and how these things tend to alienate people instead of bringing them together. The simplicity of the tracks allows listener to remove the barriers that can distract them and really get into the core of each songs. It’s like having a friend who just dropped by sing you his songs. And yes, it’s like you know the person who sings these songs because there are no pretentions present in his recordings.
In the spirit of indie, his talent shines because he does everything himself. And he is passionate to get his message across. At an age when everyone likes to bum around, have an awful good time and just talk about mundane stuff, Pierre is beyond that all that. He looks at the bigger picture. His guitar playing is pristine and he has this humour that is infectious.

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