Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why I love Lifehouse

Lifehouse is a kind of band that appeals mostly to girls. The songs are sensitive and the members have the kind of looks that any mom would not fear of losing their girl's virginity to. Well not literally . I remember one time during the early part of the decade. I was playing their first album. My friend Kenneth pointed out to me that they're like boy bands. I said no. But then he made me realize that a lot of grls were compairing Jason Wade to Alex Band of The Calling. And He's got a point.

Ten years later the band has a new album out called Smoke and Mirrors. Everything about it is beautiful. The songs are a combination of sad tunes and topics like falling in love and missing someone. This is something that any hard rock fan would not dig. These are sensitive stuff . And the guys are exuding positivity.
Yes they haven't been involved in any major controversy that hits any rock band. These guys are responsible and they just love writing and performing music. The same formula that made them stick around while their contemporares are all gone.

I am a sucker for sad atmospheric tunes. Songs driven by harmony and melody. Good songs that aren't really controversial. Just the kind of songs that will stick around fo a decade or two. So I dig Lifehouse too.

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