Friday, March 19, 2010

Hmmmm..Mike Verde's Quirky Beats Color the Cyberspace

  I like chilled beats. I'm not much of a dancer but I love to dance on a chair ;) It's such a blessing when Chad  pointed my attention to this electronic artist from Vancouver Canada.

Summer Nights is a quirky track which sounds like something you'd hear out of a computer game. The punishing drum parts in the middle makes it something like artist Beck would do minus the vocals. All pure fun with no strings attached.

Riding my Bike at night is trippy and as the title says, a perfect cruising track.

Acid Tapes Cabin Acid-Trance on acid. A perfect R2D2 companion. My folks were curious with the sound emanating from my laptop as I am writing this review and listening to the music. It is a kind of music I can relate too. Not dark or heavy. Just pure goodness fun.

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