Tuesday, September 15, 2009

INXS:Story to story (an official autobiography)

Author:INXS and Anthony Bozza
Anthony Bozza has worked as writer and editor at Rolling Stones,and has made bestselling bios of notable figures like Eminem and Tommy Lee.This time mr Bozza worked with the Farris brothers of the band known as Inxs.
This is a must have for fans and for lovers of rock music in general. It is a detailed story of this Aussie band's roots and their rise to fame in the decadent era of New Wave.
This is said to be witten in their own point of view which tackles a lot of isues from fame, sex, and drugs which are associated with any popular rock band.

The pages uncover bittersweet snapshots of life as it is on the road, the other bands and their little trouble with Adam Ant on his world tour ; and up to the demise of former frontman Michael Hutchence in 1997.
Since then , the band started the whole INXS Rockstar search thing on MTV to find a new lead singer.
Personally I have been an Inxs convert way back in 1990 when their song 'Disappear"hit the Philippine shores.This is a good book to read but somehow it lacks the sophistication of any rock bio I have read in the past. Nevertheless it is an intertaining and enlightening piece of material that will shed light to the biggest band from down under.

INXS story to story
copyright 2006
304 pages
hard cover edition
Atria Books
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