Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bitterroot Landing by Sheri Reynolds

  Last time I posted Sheri Reynolds' Firefly Cloak. This time I want to highlight her first novel BitterRoot Landing. My desire for reading started in grade school, when I saw my folks with books in their hands when they're not doing something.We had shelves of books in our old house in Hervias , Bacolod City and those were the years that really made a good impression on me. It was perhaps around 1980 up to 1983 before we moved to a new place and after that, I started 3rd grade.

  The first book I ever read was  an Alfred Hitchcock novel called "The Case of a Stuttering Parrot" and I think I was in 4rth grade at that time. It was quite a personal  triumph for me at that age to finish a novel of about more than 200 pages . There was also Shakespear's Hamlet around but I never really picket it up until much later.
Right now my TV is busted which is probably a good thing because at least I was able to finish one novel.This book is called(again) BitterRoot Landing by Sheri Reynolds.This haunting novel was written from a point of view of an incest  survivor  by the name of Jael. She grew up in a remote place called Bitter Root somewhere in the South.
She hear's voices in her head, and these voices are sometimes hopeful; sometimes they are scary.

 I am going to put here the review from in case you guys are interested to purchase this wonderful book. I  got this hard cover copy (With a different design than the one in amazon) at the Metropolis in Alabang when Crissy and I had nothing to do but just walk around and do some window shopping.
Here's the link to her website:

  In the end we walked out with a handful of books. Right now I am in the middle of "My Dinner With Andre" a screen play which was  made to a movie starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory. It is absorbing and I might write a review about it  ,as soon as I finished the whole thing.

  In the past I was asked to do a book review but it never really got into print so I am posting that in my other site. Anyway, if you are interested on my take regarding Poppy Z Brite's "Drawing Blood," here is the link.

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