Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It Just Keep Getting Louder These Days!

 I noticed that records coming out these days tend to be louder and crispier. I compare recordings to the past(90s) and the newer ones have deeper bass range and very clear upper registers.The only problem I have with the new recordings(I am old school I still collect vinyl , tapes and compact discs) Is that you got to have a really good pair of speakers to withstand the intensity of the sound.
Old speakers create distortion when you play the music above the mid range of the volume. I read that this is the way record companies sell -the louder they think it is, the more kids would buy it. In this manner, nuance and true meaning of the sound suffer to give way to the intensity of the pulse. Sure it works with recordings from dance and rock genre. But there are musicians that simply need that ’softer’ production or you end up with a recording that is too ’close’ .It is not enough that an artist develops a specific sound.What happens on the eingineering or production side is very important.Technolgy has changed the way people listen to music.We just hope that the future generations would appreciate the real musical value that an artist contributes to the world and not how record executives manipulate the buying public.

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