Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mists of Avalon

Been watching the three part miniseries my Marion Zimmer- Bradley(the same one who wrote The Catch Trap) on VCD. I just love the whole Arthrurian myth and what it embodies. Yes it was the last part of the Old Ways and the start of the new belief.
It's a sad story full of longing for the past with its grace and beauty. I like how Angelica Houston portrays the Lady of the Lake Viviane.She's beautiful,regal and headstrong. This is somehow a retelling of the story in the point of view of Morgaine-whom we previously believe as evil and ugly but my gosh! She's a sight to behold. Of course, she is King Arthur's sister after all.
Here Morgaine is fighting to save her matriarchal Celtic culture in a time and place when patriarchal Christianity threatens to destroy their pagan way of life. Oftentimes in the Arthurian retelling, women were marginalized(as the case of most literature) and this is an alternative to it. It's like saying: now this is our version of the story. And yes, there are always two sides in a story, like what Morgaine as a little girl said to her brother Arthur..."It's just like having a Mother and a Father."

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