Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wuthering Heights

Bewitching, cruel,passionately demonic-these are the only words I could find to describe the intensity of this wonderful classic novel. Emily Bronte was the genius of the three Bronte sisters(including Ann and Charlotte)but alas! She was only able to finish one novel and died of tuberculosis at the ripe old age of 32.
Here is the story of the gypsy foundling
Heathcliff and his love for Catherine .She has a brother named Hindley. One day, their father brings home a dark gypsy boy ,and he is christened Heathcliff. From an early age, Edgar is already consumed with jealousy for his step brother.
Through all the household turmoils , Heathcliff and Catherine become close allies and in their early teens they develop strong feelings toward each other.Edgar tries to break them apart by treating his stepbrother like a slave then one day, after overhearing Catherine's confession to the maid Ellen Dean, and having the whole thing misunderstood, Heathcliff disappears. Catherine becomes depressed but seeks solace by marrying Edgar.
Three years later Heathcliff returns and Catherine sinks into depression and then insanity.Thus, is the escalation of tempestuous and sadistic plot that fills out the next half of the novel. Yes it would be hard to read if not for the author's exquisite vision and beautiful prose.
This story could be classified as a love story but it is also a journey into the dark recesses of the human heart. How love and hate are inseparable and the human neurosis that speaks not only of the author's time but of all ages.

There is this movie version starring Ralph
Fiennes and Juliet Benoche which came out in 1992.But there is an older version. I might try to find that movie .
ou can order Wuthering Heights here.

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