Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Man of Colors by Icehouse (vinyl)

 This time it's an LP  review  from Austrialian  New Wave band Icehouse. I got hold of their cool song "Electric Blue" when I bought this new wave compilation CD back in 2000. It was not until this year that while walking on the busy streets of Quiapo one rainy afternoon, I came upon a store that sells tapes and vinyl records. Electric Blue also reminds me of Boracay way back the lent of 2000. I was suffering from unrequieted love and then I hopped in this bar where most American guys hang out to play billiards. I got myself a glass of iced tea and then this song played. It was so perfect, the state I was in, the mood and what the song is saying .'If a boy had a chance, a change with someone like you,would you break his heart,make him cry for the moon..."

 The condition of the LP is still excellent.I never encountered needle skip or  loud hissing -though I need them because that is what vinyl records are supposed to sound. I am a sucker for that little frying sound .
Nice poppy and sophisticated  rock album.Very atmospheric too. It is true that Aussies make a different take on music.This is one record you would love to listen to on a sunset, while setting on a veranda, having cappochino and watching the waves roll. Something to remind you of old loves and better times.Too bad only few bands nowadays make music the way the 80's bands did. Makes me long for a time machine .
track list:
1. Crazy
2. Electric Blue
3. Nothing Too Serious
4. Man of Colours
5. Heartbreak Kid
6. Kingdom
7. My Obsession
8. Girl in the Moon
9. Anybody's War
10. Sunrise

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