Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drawing Blood: Poppy Z Brite

  Drawing Blood, Dell publishing, 403 pages, genre: Horror. 

  Trevor is a comic book artist who is haunted by the demon of his past, the grizzly murder that took place in his house twenty years ago perpetrated by his father, a tortured cartoonist. Now he's back to that old house; at Violin Road ,Missing Mile to confront the madness that plagued him through the years.. Enters Zach, a computer hacker he meets along the way.  Haunted down by Law and Order from New Orleans, Zach winds up at Missing Mile. They met and the roller coaster ride of horror begins.

   The thing with Poppy's writing is that her characters go on even after you put the book down. They resonate with that longing within you, your darkest secrets and dreams. But then again some readers might be put off by the blatant homoeroticism of her stories. But then the strength of her stories relies on her prose which is like a fine elegant wine that glides on the throat so smoothly, or that smell of rose littered damp earth after the rain-anything that fires up your imagination with sensuality. And she concentrates more on the characters' issue rather than on the gore.

   Consider this: And this map of pain he had to carve out of his skin, this had been no half assed attempt at suicide, anyway. Trevor knew that to kill yourself you had to cut along the length of your arm, had to lay it open from wrist to elbow like some fruit with a rich red pulp and a hard white core. Had to cut all the way to the bone, had to severe every major artery and vein. He had never tried it. 

  Strange as it may seem, for all its gore and violence, Drawing Blood ends up as a wonderful love story between Zach and Trevor. A must read for Goth lovers. I still like Anne Rice but I think Poppy has an edge when it comes to the concerns of today's youth. She is the chronicler of her generation. She is dark (however you define the term) and humorous at the same time. offcial site:http://www.poppyzbrite.com/

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