Thursday, September 17, 2009

Resident Evil (Extinction)

  Milla Jovovitch kicks ass in the tradition of Segourney Weaver (Alien) and Linda Hamilton(Terminator). She has mystique whose closer rivals would have to be Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman. It was The Fifth Element that introduced Milla as the action heroine but other than giving kicks and punches she has that emotional depth we found in Joan of Arch.Yes Milla Milla Milla is the best.

 1.Plot: The storyline follows her departure from her companions with the hope of bringing down the Umbrella Corporation lead by the murderous Robert Wesker.While travelling the Nevada wasteland she teams up with her long lost companions battling killer crows and genetically enhanced zombies.

 2.What to see: The stunts are cool. We see Milla in her perfect form . I like that part when the killer Crows attack. That's riveting. I also like that part when she fights the zombies on the Las Vegas ruins.That's flawless!

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