Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Review: Walking On Water by Gemma O'Connor

  I absolutely love this book from the first page up to the end. Gemma O'Connor is today's Jessica Fletcher when it comes to crime novels and she works it well considering that this is the fifth book from the Irish novelist.
Walking On water takes us to the Irish countryside and about the murder of Evangeline Walter, an American who settled in Ireland. The story develops when a fisherman found her body poised on a tree one early morning..."As I rounded the point I saw her,rising out of the swirling mist.At first I couldn't believe my eyes for ,God forgive me, I thought she was walking on water"
What's the motive of the murder?
Why was her body placed that way?
Who actually was Evangeline Walter and what was she running away from, and what brought her to the south-west coast of Ireland?
The story -telling is superb,the prose is lush and the pages are rich in details ,lovable characters and what a good way to let the midnight end to dawn.
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