Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So far...The Best Of. Artist: Sinead O'Connor

I heard the name Sinead O'Connor in 1990 with the #1 hit single "Nothing Compares 2 U".At that time I was discovering talents from Ireland because of U2's Jushua Tree album .Sinead has a voice of an angel that evokes the misty irish countryside.At times she adds a punch to it that reminds me of a Banshee's wailing despair.

   My niece was keen on saying (after I let her listen to Never Get Old from The Lion and the Cobra), It's like Enya only bigger and louder.Surprisingly the track also features Enya narrating a passage from the Psalms in Gaelic. No, she did not do any musical contribution except her spoken voice.The sad thing is that the said track is not included in this compilation.Bummer! 

  Sinead can be on extreme sides both politically and musically. All these facets are reflected in this Best Of compilation ,all 15 tracks of the most beautifully haunting songs in pop/rock world. Personal faves include Mandinka,The Emperor's New Clothes, Fire on Babylon,Troy, and You Made me the Thief of Your Heart which became the theme for the movie In The Name of the Father starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Nothing Compaires 2 U, has been a so-so in my book of list because I am never a Prince fan (he composed the song)and it was too popular at that time . Not until now , after exploring the track that I am able to really appreciate it. The 7th track "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" is a traditional irish track covered by so many artists already including Dead Can Dance. Sinead added her own Gregorian meets-Trent Reznor touch to the song giving it an upbeat and eerie quality which would be highlighted if you listen to it through your ipod while trekking a graveyard at 12 o'clock midnight-I miss this stuff!

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