Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rick Springfield's Working Class Dog on Vinyl

 I finally unearthed my Rick Springfield record Working Class Dog circa 1980.The sleeve looked dusty and I had to wipe the surface of the vinyl. I got the inspiration after seeing him appear twice in the Wonder Woman series from 1977-78 second and third season .The last time was on this episode called "Amazon Hotwax" where he played a band member backing Lynda Carter  while she was doing her recording (since she posed as a detective trying to uncover a recording hoax.Well my my , I knew Lynda Carter was a singer too but to actually hear her is a different experience.She has a beautiful voice).That episode was perhaps a way to promote her solo album called "Portrait" released in 1978 and she actually wrote 3 songs in the album but I am yet to own the album.

Rick Springfield not only plays the guitar and keys on his recordings in his career , he is also a good lyricist."Jessie's Girl" is what I played again and again. Unlike most television actors out there, Rick can REALLY sing and compose as well. I think he has been blessed for years and years being able to work with different musicians and appearing on different TV shows as well as movies.

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