Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Review: Firefly Cloak by Sheri Reynolds

Sheila runs off with a man she thought she loves,leaving her two children Tessa Lee (who was eight at that time) and Travis(four) on a campsite with only their grandma's phone number written in magic marker at Travis' back and a firefly cloak (which later became symbolic in Tessa's life). Eight years later with Travis dead, Sheila has been spotted working as a mermaid on a seaside boardwalk.Tessa takes on a journey and confronts he mother only to loose her the second time . Lil,Tessa's grandma comes into terms with her strict religious beliefs. She admits that it is her own fault why her daughter ran away.There are interesting characters we meet along the way, the boy with green hair and body piercings named Rash - who collects sandspurs as his craft, the two lesbians Freida and Tabitha at the fair, the one-eyed dog named Baby Cakes among others.


After reading her first book Bitterroot Landing, I am convinced of Ms Reynold's brave vision and her knack for a southern prose that runs like red wine . One of her works made it into Oprah's book club . I picked up this one at National Bookstore while looking for other things .
I love her stories. She creates flawed and oftentimes amusing characters . Firefly Cloak focuses on the lives of these three wonderful women and the myths of fireflies.
Because, there are moments when we seem ordinary but then there are times when we shine and triumph from all that's been handed to us. Sheri Reynolds did a great work with this book.The magic that I have glimpsed in her first book still shines on this one. I can't wait for her next work

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