Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat (1944)

Wow.That's the very work that escaped my mouth after seeing this film. I could not believe that this was made in 1944 and that the lead actress( according to rumors) was not wearing underwear that kept everyone in 'attention ' all throughout the set. I found out that this was made in one set: on a lifeboat and Hitchcock was so amazing in making the whole film very interesting and sometimes funny all through 96 minutes .
The story is about six people with different personalities who found themselves in a single boat after a German u-boat sunk the passenger-carrying freighter down in the Mid-Atlantic. Tallulah Bunkhead played the fabulous bitchy photo-journalist Connie , who can think only of her Cartier bracelet and the state of her stockings while everyone fights for their life.I really Luuuvvvvv her smoky voice which reminds me of Bette Davis.
I grew up in Hitcock's movies , among them the now classic Psycho as well as others on the same genre.Yes the film is in black and white and it adds to the appeal(for me) and it is long but not THAT long .The audio is in good state but I had to make sure to leave the subtitle box open in case I miss some words-I admit I am a freak for dialogue details.
Lifeboat has been nominated for 3 Oscars(1944) for best Cinematography,black and white(Glen MacWilliams),best Director(Alfred Hitchcock) and best Writing,Original Story(John Steinbeck ) while it won lead actress Tallulah Bankhead best actress in the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

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