Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dusk and Summer Artist: Dashboard Confessional

Tracks: 1. Don't Wait 2. Reason To Believe 3. Secret's In The Telling, 4. Stolen 5. Rooftops & Invitations 6. So Long, So Long 7. Currents 8. Slow Decay 9. Dusk & Summer 10. Heaven Here 

Dashboard Confessional: Chris Carrabba (vocals, guitar, keyboards); John Lefler (guitar, keyboards); Scott Schoenbeck (bass guitar); Mike Marsh (drums, percussion). Additional personnel include: Adam Duritz (vocals). Recording information: Avatar Studios, New York, New York.

  Emo God Chris Carrabba has once again weaved a tale and longing and rage in this 4th full length album . He sounds desperate, even frantic in tracks like Don't Wait and Reason to Believe but finds nuance in heartfelt songs like Slow Decay and Heaven Here. The predominantly jangly guitar that has been the signature of the band is till present, however this album could have been better if it has not been too 'clever'. I still see a little resemblance of that primal rage found in Swiss Army Romance and Places you've Come To Fear The Most. I just hope Mr Carrabba never loses his edge. I think this is a good album to listen to while driving home or when you are alone at home watching people in your neighborhood smootch and you feel weird because you don't have a partner so it's either A.You are ugly B.You are just a helpless son of a bitch C You look like you ate a lizard and D.You are gay and no one wants to date you . Either way, this is a good album to let the afternoon pass you by and hope that the next summer is more promising that the previous.

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  1. I love Dashboard Confessional! ~ryan~