Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flesh and the Devil

 Flesh and the Devil(1926)  highlights the turning point in the film career of Greta Garbo. The film is a melodrama which revolves around the friendship of Leo Von Harden(John Gilbert) and Lars(Ulrich von Eltz). Leo finds himself falling inlove with Felicitas(Garbo) who is a wife of a count. The count challenges them to a duel and Leo kills him. As a military officer, Leo is sent to South Africa as a punishment and is released after five years. When he arrives, he finds Felicitas married to Ulrich. He is turn between his friendship and his lust for Felicitas who seduces him again. In one scene, he strangles Felicitas . Ulrich walks in and challenges him to a duel.

  This is a remarkable film because it is said that Gilbert and Garbo fell inlove in the set during the filming of this movie.Yes it is in the silent movie era and it reminds me of Charlie Chaplin movies I saw as a kid. Very good story based on a novel by Hermann Sudermann called "The Undying Past.There are scenes however that if you're gay can prove to be homo erotic. The two friends look at each other affectionately and you can sense that they'd almost kiss at a heartbeat. But maybe it is the attitude of the times.

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