Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Betty Blue

 Betty blue is about two idealistic characters trapped in an imperfect world-if perfection means living your dreams .This is a highly charged erotic drama with unpredictable twists and turns. It involves a repairman named Zorg ( Jean-Hugues Anglade) with literary aspirations whom he actually tucked away until a beautiful but mentaly unstable woman by the name of Betty ( Beatrice Dalle) turns his life around. 

  Some of the scenes are hilarious especially when Betty torches their bongalow and Zorg's workmate comments "your place will look very Zen now." That one really cracked me up. They soon move to the city and live with her cousin. Most of the time they make passionate love and wear almost nothing all thoughout the film.

  Betty's mental illness progresses but Zorg tries to comfort her. Finally they decide to retreat into the rural side of France hoping to live a normal life,but her fantasy world envelopes her real one ; escalating into a shocking catharsis. Betty blue is a film filled with raw eroticism and childlike humor bordering on the absurd and it is based on a novel by Phillipe Djian. I would suggest you bring a lot of popcorn because the film is quite long-around two hours and a half . The subtitles in English can be a distraction too.

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