Friday, September 18, 2009

KEXP 90.3 from Seattle Washington

Here's the coolest radio station in Seattle Washington,KEXP 90.3. It plays a variety of never heard anywhere music from indie bands…ok tell me what you know about Black Mountain , Clearlake and Camera? KEXP also plays some British music like those from Radiohead and The Charlattans. New Music has always been a source of fascination to me…while on the other hand keeping a firm root to my Celticism.

   It’s great to be able to listen to radio stations not from your own country because it gives one a wide perspective about the musical culture in other parts of the world. My musical taste has always been predominantly European but I am now going  back to  American music which was first spawned by the Grunge culture of the early nineties.Yes American music is cool…as long as it is indie.
(On the pic: DJ John Richards Variety Mix, The Morning Show Mon-Fri 6-10AM)

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