Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Postcards From The East Oceanside(Greatest Hits) Artist: Paula Cole

I''ve been a follower of her voice and music the first time 'Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" hit MTV. I really dig her voice. I'm one of those who really find little girl voices very annoying and big voices are really refreshing in a generation that caters to bublegum pop that sounds like a frog croaking (sorry Britney Spears)or someone running out of air and life (I know a lot and they could take up all the page). Realistically , this album is not a 'greatest hits' because some songs here have not even enjoyed great airply but still, they are good songs.There are times when the songs are kind of lengthy. Yes they are good but 5:30 minutes? Come on! Most songs loose their shine after 4 minutes...unless you are as good as Mozart then you can really keep an audience that way.

   Almost all of the 16 songs in this compilation came from her three Warner Bros albums :Harbinger, This Fire and Amen.Tomorrow I Will be Yours, Postcards From the East Oceanside and Johnny Mercer's Autumn Leaves are getaways found only in this compilation. Her voice has all the control and power, gliding from Kate Bush soprano whisphers to big and powerful Ella Fitzgerald growls.This packaging will sum up her big days in the 90's when 'I Don't Want To Wait' became massive after becoming the theme to Dawson's Creek.These days, the cliches of pop could long for Paula's original approach to songwriting.What about another original album?

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